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Tips for Agricultural Safety

  • Avoid contact with overhead and underground electrical service
  • Use care when raising irrigation pipes or moving these pipes around equipment, buildings and animals.
  • Never lift irrigation pipe under power lines. Never store irrigation pipe under power lines. There is a possibility of induced current, which is a current produce by magnetic fields.farmer plowing
  • Take care when moving grain storage units. Never move them into an area where there is a chance of contacting an overhead power line.
  • Never direct an irrigation stream in the direction of a power line.
  • Beware of snapping power pole guy wires when operating agricultural equipment. Breaking a guy wire can cause power lines to sag. Equipment that previously safely passed underneath the power line may now be within contact distance.
  • Never operate agricultural equipment where the highest point of the equipment, including antennas, approach an overhead line. They don't have to touch.
  • Non electrical workers should stay 20 feet from power lines. Electrical workers may contact MidAmerican Energy to verify safe working distances from power lines carrying various voltages.
  • Never touch a service drop providing electricity to a building. The covering on the wire is weatherproofing and is not intended to insulate from electrical shock. Protecting is by distance.

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