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Watch for overhead power lines.

If you contact an overhead power line with your body or indirectly through a ladder or tool, you may be seriously injured or killed. To protect yourself against contact with overhead power lines:

digging• Make sure power lines are de-energized when work is performed on or near electrical equipment. Make sure the lines remain de-energized by using a lockout/tagout procedure. Inspect repair work before re-energizing equipment.
• Maintain proper work distances. Never get closer than 20 feet from an overhead power line.
• Use only nonconductive equipment and tools near energized overhead power lines. Inspect tools before use. Tools and other equipment should be adequately maintained.
• Keep ladders and scaffolding away from overhead power lines.
• Keep vehicles and heavy machinery, such as dump trucks, front-end loaders and cranes, away from overhead power lines.
• Avoid storing equipment and materials under or near overhead power lines.
• Use personal protective equipment that is appropriate for the job. This equipment must be inspected prior to each use and tested annually.

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